About HUSH

Canada's leading retailer of upscale lingerie and sensual adult lifestyle products, HUSH is committed to fostering new and healthy ideas about sexuality in conjunction with positive sexual practices and relationships.  We accomplish this by providing our customers with sexual education, valuable and up-to-date information, and by ensuring that we present exciting, high quality adult products.

What We Offer

HUSH delivers a truly outstanding customer experience each and every time one of our valued customers makes contact with us. However you choose to connect with us— be it in store, on the phone, or through our website— the experts at HUSH will be friendly, knowledgeable and professional, leaving you, our valued customer, feeling totally satisfied with the service received.  We tailor an elegant and unique shopping experience, providing exceptional customer service, informed lifestyle information and extensive product knowledge.  You can take comfort in knowing that HUSH selects only the finest quality adult lifestyle products to be carried in each of our stores and on our website.

HUSH takes pride in the continued care that our customers receive post-sale, offering excellent services and professional support,even after purchase.  We encourage all of our customers to connect with us at any time to request additional information or product support services, whether it’s to ask questions, offer feedback, make a special request, or share an experience you had in one of our stores.  HUSH loves hearing from our customers and truly values the relationships we establish with you.  Our goal at HUSH is for you to have the most enjoyable customer experience possible, each and every time you visit.

What We Believe

HUSH represents and promotes an environment of acceptance and equality for all. We aim to educate, share ideas and inspire positive new ways of thinking about human sexuality and relationships, through customer education, our own education, and continued commitment to fostering new ideologies. By encouraging lasting fulfilment in life, love, and intimacy, HUSH aspires to spread a message of inclusion and acceptance for all types of people and all types of relationships.