HUSH Culture

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

- Aristotle (384–322 BCE)

HUSH is blessed to have extraordinary human beings who deeply care about the company, its customers and our world.

The original individuals at HUSH quickly bonded to form a close corporate team, which in turn transformed into a truly devoted and thoughtful corporate family thereby making HUSH the company it is today. We hire smart, forward-thinking individuals who are open to new ideas, truly care about others and who are determined to do what is best for humanity, the planet, our customers, and our company.

At HUSH, we strive to create a corporate culture that celebrates diversity and promotes acceptance and inclusion. While all HUSH Partners share many mutual goals and a common vision for the company they are encouraged to let their unique personalities’ shine while also drawing from their distinctive life experience. This creates a positive and supportive work environment thereby empowering each Partner to best serve HUSH’s diverse clientèle.

Being a HUSH Partner means having an opportunity to be much more than just an employee. We encourage all of our HUSH Partners to thrive as individuals, while also recognizing that they are a part of something wonderful, something bigger than any one person or business, and something that truly connects us all: our shared humanity. HUSH believes that everyone is capable of inspiring positive change in the world and this is why we advocate HUSH Partners genuinely connecting with each other, our customers, our communities, and our planet.

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